Welcome to the Water Utility Energy Challenge! This contest is organized through the American Water Works Association, with funding from the Great Lakes Protection Fund. Contest organizers include Wayne State University and its LEEM technology, and E2i - Energy Emissions Intelligence.

In 2014, the US electric power industry accounted for 30% of CO2 emissions and 57% of mercury air emissions in the US. Water utilities are a major electricity user in many Great Lakes state communities. This contest is about helping water utilities use LEEM to reduce key fossil fuel emissions – especially mercury.

With LEEM, water utilities and other municipalities, businesses, and institutions can:

  1. Track times when electricity is supplied by high-emission generators
  2. Control how energy management systems shift and shed energy during “high-emissions” periods
  3. Reduce electricity usage when emissions are high

Water utilities can use LEEM’s predictive and real-time emission information directly, and also an optimization software called PEPSO [link to a PEPSO page] that incorporates LEEM data, to shed and shift energy away from times when the types of fossil fuel power plants most likely generating electricity have particularly high emissions.

Want to learn more?

Click here [] for more information about the Water Utility Energy Challenge - and how to participate in and win the challenge.

Click here [Solutions Tab] to learn a bit more about different ways to reduce emissions using LEEM data, and

Click here [Emissions tab] to explore electricity-generated emission intensities for your Great Lakes location.

Finally, if you represent water utility, please contact Loch McCabe at or 734-369-2361 for any questions or comments.